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Project Information

Campaign Objective

Build your hereafter  by sponsoring 40 needy students for 1 full academic year in Alma'aliy International Academy who are eager to memorize the glorious Qur’an on their journey towards becoming the custodians of the book of ALLAH.


ALMA’ALI as an Islamic school established in 2018 purposely to disseminate Islamic knowledge, teach Qur’an, and render a helping hand to the community. Alhamdulillah the academy currently houses 250 students, 135 males and 115 females.

Through Allah’s assistance and your kind gestures we at AlMa’ali are able to accomplish the following:

1-Graduating students who memorized the Qur’an with many Riwayat/Qira’at.

2-Organizing Quran workshops for the students of the academy and students from other schools.

3-Organizing academic training for students in which scholars from different communities participated.

4-Expansion of academic activities to include hosting  boarding students from different countries.

5-Sponsoring school fees for sixty orphans for a complete academic year.

6-Distributing 700 copies of the Qur’an to the remote village of Danja in Katsina state. 

7-Sponsor Ramadan Food Baskets for 40 Quran Students.

8- Distributing 600 copies of Qur'an to the village of Unguwar Ajiya, in Giwa of Kaduna State Nigeria.

9-Distributing 500 copies of Qur'an to the village of the Village of Gadani, Nigeria.

The Challenges 

Alhamdulillah the academy is witnessing new students that want to memorise the holy Quran, but due to the current hardship in nigeria a lot of the parents find it very difficult to pay school fees due the the financial challenges in nigeria, despite the the zeal, passion, hard work and effort students put in place! The school management finds themselves in a difficult situation, as we don’t want to send these hardworking students home but on the other hand we can’t smoothly run the organisation with adequate finance.

Hence if these students are sponsored it will help in easing our task of giving the best possible education to these students and also will help them to continue their memorization in this Academy.

The Solution 

In an effort to provide a nurturing and empowering environment for these forgotten children to positively apply themselves the ALMA'ALI ACADEMY was established in 2018, for memorization of Qur'an, Qira'at, Riwayaat and books of Sunnah. We believe that in empowering orphans with the guidance of the Qur’an this would not only help them raise in ranks in the akhirah but it would also provide them with a clear sense of purpose towards becoming productive members of society and positive role models for others to follow.

However, this will not be possible without your help after the permission of ALLAH (subhanahu wa ta’ala).

The academy proposing to sponsor 40 needy students for 1 full academic year (1 year has 3 terms, 1 term has 4 months). 1 student 

Fund needed

We, therefore, aim to raise RM9,600 to sponsor 40 needy Quran students and help them achieve their dream in memorizing the Quran. Imagine the impact this good act will have on them.

Abu Hurairah reported: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him.” (Muslim)

Sponsor a needy student today with as little as RM80 per term and change his life. May Allah Bless You and May it be accepted as a Sadaqah Jariyah for you – Ameen.




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