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Project Information

Campaign Objective

Build your hereafter today by sponsoring 4 Quran students who sacrificed their comfort and luxurious lifestyle to travel overseas, study and memorize the book of Allah in the hot desert of Mauritania.


Mauritania, located in North-West Africa, is a predominantly Islamic country with a deep cultural connection to the Quran. Quran memorization centers, also known as Madrassas or Hifz schools, are integral to the nation's religious and educational fabric.

These centers are dedicated to teaching and promoting the memorization of the Quran, the holy book of Islam. The process involves oral repetition and recitation, where students recite small portions of the Quran to their teachers, who correct errors and guide them in perfecting their pronunciation and recitation. Becoming a Hafiz (male) or Hafiza (female) is highly esteemed in Mauritanian society and holds significant religious value.

About Memorization Centers

Quran memorization centers in Mauritania follow traditional approaches to education, emphasizing the Talibé system. Students, known as Talibés, study under Marabouts (teachers) who impart Quranic knowledge and Islamic teachings. These centers are found across the country, from urban areas to rural communities, and are often supported by local communities and charitable donations. Women also participate in memorization, and separate centers cater to female students.

However, these centers face several challenges. Limited resources, including financial constraints and lack of proper infrastructure. 

Fund Needed

Sahlah Academy is campaigning to support 4 Quran students who sacrificed all what they had in order to benefit the Ummah. We are aiming to raise RM11,520 in order to support the Quran students for 1 year and help them achieve their goal to memorize the Quran.

Our beloved prophet (PBH) said in a hadith reported by Ja’bir (RA) “The best of people are those who are most beneficial to other people.” Sahih Ja’mi’

Sponsor a Quran student with as little as RM8 a day. May it be accepted as a Sadaqah Jariyah for you – Ameen.

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