7 Quran Students Sponsored at Sahlah Academy, Malaysia

7 Quran Students Sponsored at Sahlah Academy, Malaysia

Quraany is thrilled to share the heartwarming news that we have successfully raised RM14,890 to sponsor 7 talented Quran students at Sahlah Academy.



This noble initiative aims to alleviate the burden of tuition fees and secure scholarships for these students, ensuring they can continue their Quran memorization journey.


Sahlah Academy, a distinguished tahfiz institution, found itself grappling with mounting tuition fee debts. The risk loomed that these dedicated students, driven by their desire to memorize the Quran, would be forced to halt their studies. The future of their Hafazan, the completion of memorizing the entire Quran, was at stake.


In response to this pressing challenge, Sahlah Academy reached out to the compassionate community of Quraany and beyond, inviting all to be part of the solution.

Thanks to the unwavering support and generosity of the community, Quraany was able to raise sufficient funds to sponsor these 7 Quran students at Sahlah Academy. Each student will receive the necessary financial aid, covering their outstanding tuition fees for the upcoming months.

We are proud to report that this campaign has been a resounding success, empowering these young learners to continue their journey of Quran memorization without the burden of financial constraints.

Your contributions to this campaign transcend mere monetary value. By sponsoring a Quran student for just RM350 a month, you are investing in the spiritual growth and educational development of an individual, as well as impacting the entire Muslim community.

Imagine the blessings that will flow through generations as these dedicated students become scholars, teachers, and leaders, spreading the beauty and wisdom of the Quran far and wide.

While this campaign has achieved remarkable success, our work is far from over. The need to support Quran-based projects remains constant, and more students are waiting for their turn to benefit from your generosity.

We urge you, dear readers, to continue supporting Quraany and its mission to empower Quran students. Your recurring donations, no matter how small, can create a lasting impact on the lives of these aspiring memorizers

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